Homelessness Prevention Grant Program

The cost of living in the greater Boston area is among the highest in the country. Many low- and moderate-income Arlington families struggle with rising housing costs and stagnant wages. A single crisis, such as hospitalization or temporary job loss, can put people in danger of losing their homes.

HCA created the Homelessness Prevention Grant Program in 2001 to provide financial support to Arlington residents facing a housing crisis. We expanded the work during the COVID-19 pandemic as Arlington residents, and the rest of the world, faced unprecedented economic, social, educational and health challenges. The Fund provides grants on a case-by-case basis to help residents stabilize their situations and maintain their housing. We help low-income Arlington residents pay rent in order to remain housed, or cover moving fees so they can transition to affordable, stable housing. The Homelessness Prevention Grant Program is supported by the generous donations of Arlington residents and by the Town of Arlington.

Homelessness Prevention Grant Program
Eligibility Requirements

Eligible Costs:  Back rent, moving expenses, or security deposit
Income Limits:  Must be at or below HUD 60% Area Median Income

Family Size Maximum Income Family Size Maximum Income
1 $ 62,340 5 $ 96,180
2 $ 71,280 6 $ 103,320
3 $ 80,160 7 $ 110,460
4 $ 89,040 8 $ 117,540

Funding Limits:  There must be a reasonable assurance that the grant will stabilize a family’s housing for at least six months. A household may receive a grant no more than twice and the second grant will only be at least one year after the first.

How Does it Work?

The Homelessness Prevention Program is administered by Housing Corporation of Arlington. A three-person Review Committee, appointed by the Housing Corporation of Arlington, along with HCA staff, makes funding decisions based on the eligibility requirements as well as availability of funds.  The Review Committee is made up of a representative of the Housing Corporation of Arlington, a representative of the Human Services Department for the Town of Arlington, and a third member appointed from the community.

Applications for assistance are due by the 15th of each month.

Funding Priorities: In the event that funds are insufficient to help all eligible applicants, priority will be given to victims of family violence, families with young children and disabled persons. All applicants must have housing in Arlington.

Complete the HPP application online here.
Download the HPP application here, complete and send to our office at:
Housing Corporation of Arlington
252 Massachusetts Avenue, Office
Arlington, MA  02474

After receiving your application we will follow up with you to discuss your eligibility and request any necessary documentation. For more information or to set up an appointment, please contact:

Renea Duran, Social Service Coordinator

781-859-5294 x7