The cost of living in the greater Boston area ranks among the highest in the country. Many low- and moderate-income Arlington families struggle with rising housing costs and stagnant wages. A single crisis, such as hospitalization or temporary job loss, can put many in danger of becoming homeless. In response to this escalating problem, the Homelessness Prevention Program was created in 2001 to provide emergency financial support to Arlington residents facing a housing crisis due to an unexpected event.

The Homelessness Prevention Program was set up to help people experiencing a crisis with their housing. Assistance can be given to help individuals and families when the cause is due to circumstances beyond their control.  The goal is to keep people in Arlington from becoming homeless. The Homelessness Prevention Program is supported by the generous donations of Arlington residents.

Eligible Costs:  The program can be used to help pay rent, moving expenses or security deposits, but only when it is clear that this payment will stabilize the applicant’s housing situation for at least 6 months.  This is not intended to be a monthly rent subsidy, and cannot be used to pay real estate taxes, utility bills, or fuel costs.
Income Limits:  Applicants must meet Income Limits for low and moderate income households, adjusted for household size, as established by HUD.  Current Income Limits are as follows:
Family Size       Maximum income         Family Size     Maximum Income

1                 $43,440                          5                     $67,020
2                 $49,680                          6                      $72,000
3                 $55,860                          7                      $76,980
4                 $62,040                          8                      $81,900
Funding Limits:  Assistance will only be granted if there is a reasonable assurance that it will stabilize a family’s housing for at least six months.  The maximum grant per family is $1,500.  A household may receive a grant no more than twice and the second grant will only be made two years or more after the first.
Administration:  The program is supported entirely by private donations from individuals and businesses and is administered by the non-profit Housing Corporation of Arlington. A three person Review Committee, appointed by the Housing Corporation of Arlington, will make all funding decisions.  The Review Committee is made up of a representative of the Housing Corporation of Arlington, a representative of the Town’s Human Services Department, and a third member appointed from the community. Every effort is made to act quickly on behalf of people in need.
Funding Priorities: In the event that funds are insufficient to help all eligible applicants, priority will be given to victims of family violence, families with young children and the disabled. All applicants must have housing in Arlington.

Application: Homelessness Prevention Program Application
For more information, please contact:     

Sarah Morrison

(781) 583-6147