Jeff Katz

Interim Executive Director






Jeff Katz, MPA, MSW is a senior nonprofit consultant with over 35 years of experience providing advice and services to a wide range of nonprofit organizations, big and small, with varied missions throughout New England, the United States, and internationally. As a consultant, Jeff specializes in organizational development, fundraising, and transitional leadership.

As an interim Executive Director, Jeff has led 13 different organizations, ranging in size from 1 employee to 350 and budgets from $50,000-$12 million. The organizations he has led include a homeless shelter, organizations serving people with developmental disabilities, a Vietnamese community center, a school in rural Nicaragua, and three community development corporations.

In addition to his work as a nonprofit consultant, Jeff is a nationally recognized child welfare expert and advocate. He was a member of the Obama for President Child Policy team, testified before Congress, and played a role in passing the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997. His op-ed pieces have been published in the Washington Post, Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, and he has been interviewed on CNN and National Public Radio.

Jeff attended the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, where he was a Public Service Fellow and received a Masters Degree in Public Administration. Jeff later served as a Fellow at the Kennedy School, where he developed the Listening to Parents Project, an influential national study of how prospective adoptive parents are treated by public child welfare agencies. He also holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from Boston University.

Contact Jeff Katz: (781) 859-5211

Renea Duran

Social Worker

Renea is Housing Corporation’s Social Worker. She brings with her over 25 years of experience in Resident Services Management and Asset Management. She has a strong commitment to serving disadvantaged adults’ needs, including homeless, emancipated youth, and special-needs populations.

She has overcome challenges of constraints to design high-quality, cost-effective, and comprehensive service offerings, always ensuring families served are treated with dignity and respect.

Renea has received several awards in her career, including the City of Boston Appreciation awards and the 2009 City of Boston Crimefighter of the Year Award.

Contact Renea: (857) 408-5047

Paul Jean, Sr.

Social Worker

Paul is a Housing Corporation’s Social Worker. He brings an extensive background of 26+ years, in the Human Services Field. Paul has a passionate devotion to providing case management services for Children, Adolescents, Adults and Elderly populations coping with lack of support systems, employment barriers, history of homelessness and other challenges that impede with everyday life.

Paul has also developed initiatives, including Program Management assisting individuals experiencing challenges; with Job Development, that included: Skills Training (Hard and Soft Skills), Career Coaching and Job Placement; in collaboration with Public and Privately funded agencies that covered various regions of the state that included Metro-Boston, Cambridge and both the Southeast and Northeast communities.

Contact Paul: (781) 859-5164

Seth Jenkins

Administrative Assistant 

Seth has been working at Housing Corporation as the Administrative Assistant since 2018. He started as an intern, and before that volunteered for HCA’s Annual Walk for Affordable Housing. While working for HCA, Seth has been active with the Arlington Town Human Services Network, and has assisted with preparations for the Christmas Meal Initiative with a local faith organization. Seth helped to organize HCA’s 2019 Annual Walk. He is currently a college student, and as of March 2021, is a graduate of the Mel King Training Institute’s Certificate program, where he is part of a professional cohort learning community development skills. Seth is passionate about housing justice and has aspirations to be involved in the intersection between social work, community organizing and engagement. In his free time, Seth enjoys movies and catching up on reading.

Contact Seth: (781) 859-5294 (main line)