Academy Development Partners

In 1986, a group of concerned citizens worked to save a two-family home from demolition and turn it into affordable housing for the Arlington community. While this project was not successful, out of this endeavor Housing Corporation of Arlington was founded to address Arlington’s ever increasing shortage of affordable housing.

HCA is proud of its achievements and community support. With 102 units of affordable housing and the development of Capitol Square Apartments, a $9 million project to significantly renovate 32 East Arlington apartments, HCA continues to improve the lives of low- and very low-income residents.

Over the past several years, surrounding communities have approached HCA to help them develop strategies to create affordable housing in their own neighborhoods. These requests are a testament to  HCA’s reputation for creating high-quality homes for families and individuals of modest means.

In 2011, after years of careful thought and discussion, HCA launched a new non-profit affiliate organization—Academy Development Partners (ADP)—to work with other non-profits, housing authorities and municipalities, to find regional affordable housing solutions. ADP will allow HCA to share its expertise in project development and grow HCA’s service area. This growth will help increase HCA’s capacity, providing further opportunities for families and individuals to live affordably in the Commonwealth.

HCA and Academy Development Partners look forward to creating safe, environmentally sustainable and affordable housing for the future.

To learn more about ADP or to discuss developing affordable housing in your community, please contact Jeff Katz, HCA’s Interim Executive Director, at 781-859-5294.