Support the Homelessness Prevention Program

Since 2001, HCA has provided emergency financial support to Arlington households struggling with housing crises, all of whom were at risk of becoming homeless. These households are dealing with divorce, job loss, illness, domestic violence, death, and disabilities; some starting new lives and others trying to regain traction on their old ones. Arlington is one of the only communities in the local area to have a safety net for those families and individuals in danger of losing their housing.

For many households, HCA’s Homelessness Prevention Program offers a unique chance to move forward after a rocky month or two and avoid the street or the shelter system. HCA’s innovative Homelessness Prevention Program is an irreplaceable safety net for households in crisis. The federal government and other homelessness service providers have recently recognized this method of crisis intervention as a more effective and less expensive way to deal with the homelessness crisis. HCA is proud to have pioneered this innovative program to keep people housed.

To contribute, please send donations to:

Housing Corporation of Arlington
252 Massachusetts Avenue
Arlington, MA 02474


Use our Secure Online Donation Form! Please designate your donation as “Homelessness Prevention.”