Affordable Housing

Everyone needs a safe and stable home. When the rent or mortgage is too high, when the plumbing is broken or there are bugs or mold, it can affect every part of life. The stress of worrying about your home can impact mental health, physical health, performance at work, the ability to participate in your community, and it can cause life-long struggles for kids.

The typical 2-bedroom apartment in Arlington costs around $2,600 a month. To afford that apartment, you would need to earn at least $104,000 a year.

However, restaurant staff, Teaching Assistants, Delivery Drivers, Administrative Assistants, Home Health Aids and many others earn less than half of what is needed to afford the typical 2-bedroom in our town. Anyone earning minimum wage ($30,860 a year) faces an even greater hardship.

Families are struggling today — but HCA is making a difference.

It all started a few decades ago, with the purchase of several two-family homes. Today HCA continues to create, own, and manages affordable housing throughout Arlington, for a range of household sizes and low incomes. HCA’s portfolio today totals 150 affordable apartments in Arlington. HCA staff work in partnership with our property management firm, Peabody Properties, to ensure these homes are safe and welcoming, and meet the requirements of the many lenders and subsidy funders.

We are always looking to create more beautiful, stable, affordable homes through renovation or new construction. If you have a tip on a property, contact Erica Schwarz: or 781-859-5294 x1.

How to Apply for HCA’s Affordable Apartments

Eligibility for tenants is determined by household income. HCA units are generally capped at 60% of the area median income (AMI). This is a calculation that is annually adjusted by HUD (US Department of Housing and Urban Development). Current household income limits are as follows:

2022 Income Limits at 60% of AMI (gross annual income, before taxes)

1 person household: $58,920
2 person household: $67,320
3 person household: $75,720
4 person household: $84,120
5 person household: $90,900
6 person household: $97,620

If you or somebody you know is interested in applying for an HCA apartment, please send a completed Affordable Housing Rental Application to:

Housing Corporation of Arlington
252 Massachusetts Avenue
Arlington, MA 02474

or email it to: