Annual Meeting


Held on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 at Tango Restaurant


ARLINGTON: Housing Corporation of Arlington (HCA) is pleased to announce our 2016 Annual Meeting, scheduled for 8a.m. on Wednesday, June 8th at Tango Restaurant, 464 Mass Ave, Arlington. All are welcome to come celebrate HCA’s successful year, elect Board Members and have a wonderful breakfast. Our very generous supporter Bob Bowes of Bowes Realty is sponsoring the Annual Meeting. Friends and supporters will have the opportunity join or renew their membership with HCA.


We are pleased to welcome Arlington’s new Director of Planning and Community Development, Jennifer Raitt, as our featured speaker. Additionally, Tom Nee, HCA Board President, and Pamela Hallett, HCA Executive Director, will speak on our recent achievements and prospective developments in Arlington.


At every Annual Meeting, HCA honors the memory of the late Deacon Frank Mandosa from St. Agnes Parish with an annual community service award. Recipients of the Deacon Frank Mandosa Community Service Award possess a commitment to unite the community around affordable housing issues. This year we have chosen to present our annual award to The Arlington Food Pantry, FoodLink, Arlington EATS, and their generous supporters at the Town of Arlington, as well as various local faith-based organizations. Their combined efforts have provided nutritious meals to hundreds of needy families in Arlington this past year alone. Also, HCA will be honoring Gregory Bowe, Vice President of Cambridge Savings Bank, for his long time dedication and service on HCA’s Board of Directors.


See photos below taken at the 2016 Annual Meeting!

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