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2016 Annual Report – September 2017

Dear Members and Supporters,

Today we come together to celebrate our successes and to look forward to 2017’s achievements and challenges. We continue to be enormously grateful to our members, donors, volunteers and community partners for your ongoing support and interest in our mission. Your involvement enables us to promote a diverse and sustainable Arlington community.

2016 was another exciting and productive year! Our pipeline of development projects moved forward. The historic Kimball Famer House featuring three new units of affordable housing is fully rented with a beautiful perennial/wildflower garden created and maintained by a cadre of great volunteers! The 20 Westminster construction is beginning on 9 new affordable units. HCA purchased the Downing Square site and received special permits for both Downing Square and 117 Broadway to build 48 new units. We raised $144,000 in Community Investment Tax Credits donations and received a 2017 allocation of over $125,000. Remember to get your donation in for your 2017 tax credits!!

HCA now owns and operates 93 units of affordable rental housing in Arlington
with another 9 units in construction and 48 new units in the predevelopment stages. We completed $100,000 in capital improvements on the existing portfolio. These sustainability-focused improvements lowered utility costs and created more consistent, comfortable heat for our tenants and made our neighbors happy by upgrading some exteriors.

Our Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP) provided grants to 10 households this year for a total of $9,753. Unfortunately, we turned away 28 applicants because they could not demonstrate they would be sustainable. This is a troubling sign of the times. The program protects the most vulnerable in our community—the elderly, the disabled, single parents and families with young children, but they must demonstrate they can sustain their housing for at least 6 months. With the cost of housing continuing to rise, the 2017 demand for these resources has increased significantly. Overall the program has provided more than $975,000 in grants since 2001.

As much as we accomplish, the need for our work grows exponentially. After culling the wait list this year, we still have 661 households hoping for affordable units and 275 are current Arlington residents. A National Low Income Housing Coalition study found that in order to afford a market rate one bedroom apartment in the Boston Metro area, a household needs to earn a minimum of $24.25 per hour working a 40 hour week which provides an annual income of $50,440. The Massachusetts minimum wage is $11 per hour which means a person must work 88 hours a week to make that required income. We have much work to do.
Best wishes,

Tom Nee                                                                                Pamela Hallett
Board President                                                                   Executive Director

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